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Saturday, February 25, 2006



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Vintage Ring

Very tasty cheese, I ate it when I was traveling in Great Britain. I was there on vacation with my wife, we ordered it in one small restaurant, I don't remember the name:) It was very very nice cheese, we liked it, both of us.


Hello! I just popped over here for the first time from Small Farms because Tana raved about your blog. How fitting that I landed on this post, as I ADORE Wallace & Gromit. The title popped up first, and I knew exactly what it referred to. Of course, as a sheep farmer, my favorite Wallace & Gromit film will always be "A Close Shave." Looking forward to reading more of your posts. : )

Bev've posted this on FRIDAY...isn't it better suited to TUESDAY??

Dr. Sardonic

This brings to mind a Philadelphia foodie factoid: the eponymous cream cheese (which took first place the last episode of America's Test Kitchen) is actually named for a small town in upstate New York. As a native Philadelphian, I was of course heartbroken to learn this. And the person who broke the news to me was, naturally, a New Yorker. Are we citizens of the City of Brotherly Love forever fated to live in the shadow of the rotten Big Apple?

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